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Use a wrapper function for symbol. Any undefined reference to symbol will be resolved to __wrap_symbol. Any undefined reference to __real_symbol will be resolved to symbol.

This can be used to provide a wrapper for a system function. The wrapper function should be called __wrap_symbol. If it wishes to call the system function, it should call __real_symbol.

Here is a trivial example:

          void \*
          \_\_wrap\_malloc (size\_t c)
            printf ("malloc called with %zu\\n", c);
            return \_\_real\_malloc (c);

If you link other code with this file using –wrap malloc, then all calls to malloc will call the function __wrap_malloc instead. The call to __real_malloc in __wrap_malloc will call the real malloc function.

You may wish to provide a __real_malloc function as well, so that links without the –wrap option will succeed. If you do this, you should not put the definition of __real_malloc in the same file as __wrap_malloc; if you do, the assembler may resolve the call before the linker has a chance to wrap it to malloc.