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--with-schedule=cpu –with-arch=cpu –with-arch-32=cpu –with-arch-64=cpu –with-tune=cpu –with-tune-32=cpu –with-tune-64=cpu –with-abi=abi –with-fpu=type –with-float=type These configure options provide default values for the -mschedule=, -march=, -mtune=, -mabi=, and -mfpu= options and for -mhard-float or -msoft-float. As with –with-cpu, which switches will be accepted and acceptable values of the arguments depend on the target.


# configure_default_options

Set to an initializer for configure_default_options

in configargs.h, based on –with-cpu et cetera.


static const struct { const char *name, *value; } configure_default_options[] = { { “abi”, “o32” }, { “arch”, “mips1” } };



A list of specs used to support configure-time default options (i.e. –with options) in the driver. It should be a suitable initializer for an array of structures, each containing two strings, without the outermost pair of surrounding braces.

The first item in the pair is the name of the default. This must match the code in config.gcc for the target. The second item is a spec to apply if a default with this name was specified. The string `%(VALUE)’ in the spec will be replaced by the value of the default everywhere it occurs.

The driver will apply these specs to its own command line between loading default specs files and processing DRIVER_SELF_SPECS, using the same mechanism as DRIVER_SELF_SPECS.

Do not define this macro if it does not need to do anything.


/* Process any configure-time defaults specified for the command line options, via OPTION_DEFAULT_SPECS. */ for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE (option_default_specs); i++) do_option_spec (option_default_specs[i].name, option_default_specs[i].spec);