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The first session is about GDB. People from three different companies present their plans on different areas of GDB. Jan gives a talk on a wide range of GDB features, and I don’t  have much impressions on it.

Stan gives a talk on Multicore GDB, which is mainly about itset  and agent. We have some discussion on the syntax of itset, and feedback from the audience  sounds pretty good. This fixes my concern that itset syntax is a little complicated to use.

Ulrich gives a talk on unify features in remote and native debugging, and people agree that we should share as much code between GDB and GDBserver as we can. It is a good news to me.  I have a private talk with Pedro on itset work.

An intel guy gives a session on Cilk Plus. It is about the syntax of cilk plus, and how to use it. What I can tell is that cilk plus is a “more-user- frendly-open-mp”.  这个完全是一个广告贴,没有什么东西,就是介绍cilk的语法。

晚上有个social dinner,在学校里边,还不错,有水果,秋水,各种自助餐。大家随意交流。

后来,推来了一个 GCC 25 岁的蛋糕,蛋糕很好吃,不过,吃的太饱了,就吃了一点。

后来, Richard Guenther 弹钢琴,然后所有人在跟着唱歌,不知道这个歌是什么。

只是说,如果以后patch 被reject了,把这个歌唱几遍就行了 :)