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Vladimir Makarov gives a talk on LRA. The problem statement at the beginning is quite clear, and he splits his work into several steps. His slides are quite easy to read and follow. The  result of benchmark looks quite promising, and plan to merge back to phase 1 of 4.8. Benjamin (from RedHat) gives a talk on GCC Doc. He firstly describes the doc problems in GCC, and mentions that these problems exist on other large free software as well. His proposed solution is that add phase 2 back (two weeks) for documentation only, and book technical writers’ time to improve GCC doc in this period. I am not sure it works.

When all sessions are done, say goodbye to a lot of people. Talk a little bit with Ulrich on his work.  Have some good beer with Luis, Pedro, and other people. Hear something interesting on the tiny difference of pronunciation between Brazilian and Portuguese.  我们老板请我们mentor的几个同事一起吃饭。