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************************************************************************* Call for Topics and Sponsors

Workshop on Open Source Development Tools 2014 (i.e. HelloGCC Workshop) Beijing, China Sep. 13rd, 2014 (TBD) HelloGCC Work Group ( ************************************************************************* Open Source Development Tools Workshop (i.e. HelloGCC Workshop) is a meeting for open source software developers. You can share your work, study and learning experience of open source software development here. Our main topics is open source development tools.

The content of topics can be: * GNU tool chains (gcc, gdb, binutils, etc) * LLVM or other open source compilers * other tools of open source development, debug and simulation

The form of topics can be: * the introduction of your own work * the introduction of your work did in the past * tutorial, experience and etc * other forms of presentation, such as lightning talk

If you have some topics, please contact us: * send email to (need to subscribe first) * login into freenode IRC #hellogcc room

Important Date: * the deadline of topics and sponsors solicitation: Aug 1st, 2014

Previous Meetings: * HelloGCC 2013: * HelloGCC 2012: * HelloGCC 2011: * HelloGCC 2010: * HelloGCC 2009:

If you want to sponsor us, we will very appreciate and please contact us via